V3.0 Honda Edition

CobraRTP v3.0 Honda Edition

CobraRTP v3.0 Honda Edition.
This is a hardware-software system designed to tuning Honda OBD1, OBD0 ECU. 
Like all versions of CobraRTP, this version also allows tuning in “Real-Time” mode, which remains a very important aspect in tuning. 
The small size and location allow you to create a “Sport ECU” with a convenient location of one USB connector in the ECU case.

A feature of this implementation is the combination of RTP + Datalog working together on one USB port!
Undoubtedly, this is very convenient than having a separate adapter for Datalog and two USB ports occupied (as for example, in the case of Moates Ostrich + Extreme Hulog
At the same time, we did not forget about the mobile solution, i.e. about datalog via bluetooth in TunerView or Linszter Datalog v2  offering customized Bluetooth modules for these purposes.

cobrartp datalog

The advantage of tuning with the CobraRTP is the ability to write calibrations (firmware) on the chip, after the ECU is configured.
This is very important if you are an experienced “tuner” and your clients use your services.

For example, if you have a Smanager + HONDATA S300 complex, then today there is no way to get firmware (calibrations) and simply write them to a chip, which in this case obliges your customers to buy (have) a HONDATA S300 after setting up.


It is important that not a small list of software is available for tuning Honda / Acura, these are eCtune, Crome, BmTune, HTS, BRE and TurboEDIT.

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