Supported ECUs

Hardware all ECUs with EPROM chips:

  • 27C128 (16кБ)chip
  • 27C256  (32кБ)
  • 27C512 (64кБ)
  • 87C256 (32кБ)
  • 87C257 (32kB) via adapter Boost brd (87с257->27с256) 

Also flash:

  • 28F256 (32кБ)
  • 28F512 (64кБ)
  • 29C256 (32кБ)

If the chip in your computer has a proprietary Bosch label (for example B57696, B58157 ...), read matching list.
Note: this information means that CobraRTP is hardware compatible, that is, it is possible to install, and CobraRTP will play the same role as the chip, but you need to familiarize yourself with the tuning software that supports a certain type of ECU.

Some of the supported ECUs are:

Audi: Motronic m2.3.2 

BMW E28 / E30 / E34 / E36: Bosch (DME) (last 3 digits of the markings):
400, 402, 403, 404, 405, 413, 506, 283, 352, 153, 156, 173, 175, 179, 013, 027, 059, 070, 071, 075.
Siemens MS40.1 (28F512)

Bosch, Motronic, DME

HONDA/Acura(OBD1 92-95г.):
P06, P28, P1J, P1K, P08, P29, P30, P54, P70, P71, P72, P74, P75
JDM:    P30, P29, P75, P76

Fiat(93-96): Coupe 16V Turbo, Punto GT

GM(87-95): 1227727, 1227730, 1227748, 1227749, 1228321, 1227752, 1228253, 1227165, 1227277, 16195699

Mitsubishi(DSM, 89-99): 1G E931, 2G (Galant VR-4, Lancer, Colt, Eclipse, Talon, Laser, EVO 123, 3000 GT, etc)

Porsche(87-92) DME: 075, 506, 509 (944 Turbo, 928 GT, 911 C2)

Nissan(Infinity): B13/S13/S14, B13 200SX, 240SX, Z32, 300ZX, SkyLine, N13 Pulsar, (Q45/VH45, M30/VG30E, CA18DET, RB20DET, RB25, RB26, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR16VE, VG20/30, CA24E) 
ECU: 23710-xxxxx, A1x-xxx-xxx 
Note: to emulate 16 bit ECUs(2 chips), you need 2 CobraRTP emulators and an expansion board(daughterboard). 

Volkswagen: Golf, Corrado – VR6 (Digifant 1).

Volvo(Jetronic): LH 2.2, 2.4, Bosch: 511, 554, 556, 560, 913, 937, 954, 984

For more information, contact us.

Supported software and firmware types (ROM)

  In online mode(RT), CobraRTP works with: TunerPRO RT, NistuneeCtuneCrome, HTS, BMTuneBRE, TurboEdit. It is also possible to work with any emulator software for editing computer firmware, which saves the firmware in * .Bin format, followed by its entry into the emulator using CobraRTP Utility.

Supported firmware sizes (bin) from 16 to 64kB (inclusive).


   Emulator functionality due to the functionality and capabilities of the software for tuning, which you will use in conjunction with the emulator. 
Hardware emulator performs the same role as the memory chip (ROM).


CobraRTP 3.0 Honda Edition:
Manual v3 Honda Edition(RU).pdf (3.7Mb)
Manual v3 Honda Edition(EN).pdf (3.7Mb)

Manual MotronicRT(RU) (2.2Mb)
Manual MotronicRT(EN) (2.2Mb)

CobraRTP 3.0 Pro:
Manual v3 Pro (RU).pdf (2.2Mb)
Manual v3 Pro (EN).pdf (2.2Mb)

Video on the subject

Useful links  – репозиторий прошивок и файлов таблиц для TunerPRO. – сообщество, посвященное настройке и модификации ЭБУ Honda/Acura. – модификация программного и аппаратного обеспечения блока управления двигателем Bosch M2.3.2 – правка таблиц прошивок ЭБУ с помощью TunerPro.

If you have additional questions, see the user guide in the “Downloads” or contact us
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