CobraRTP + eCtune

Added eCtune support!

We do not stand still, and this time we want to bring you the news that we have included support in our very functional emulator software - eCtune!

eCtune - very functional, time-tested, real-time editor for cars Honda/Acuranot inferior in functionality  SManager american company Hondata !

If you still enjoyed Crome, then when going to eCtune You can see for yourself many new and interesting features and features, such as Anti-lag system, turbocharging in transmissions, reading and erasing errors, etc., as well as higher overall stability. more...

If you want to write calibration from eCtune to chip, then you need to use CobraRTP Utility, by reading the firmware from the emulator and saving it in the format *.bin at any convenient place, and then write it into the chip using EPROM programmer.

- Requires Net Framework v3.5
-The necessary firmware version v20.18 +

Download CobraRTP versiondownload(5.9Mb)

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