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CobraRTP MotronicRT – новый инструмент для тюнинга ЭБУ Motronic, Jetronic(Bosch), Nissan, Siemens MS40.1, GM, DSM (BMW, Audi, Porsche, GM, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Volvo и т.д.).

Special feature of this version of CobraRTP is the availability of universal analog inputs, through which it is possible to connect some sensors (AFR, TPS, MAP, etc.) for logging parameters in TunerPRO RT in the form of graphs, virtual instruments, for the purpose of recording parameters and further analysis!

It is also possible to download dual firmware, followed by switching between them, for example using a switch or jumper (without PC participation)! Of course, it is very convenient, for example, to create a sport + urban modes (calibrations).


Supported software in RTP mode: TunerPRO RT, Nistune

Basic set:

Note: The CR2032 battery is no longer supplied due to the requirements of the postal service.

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