Shipping and payment


Post office

  • On the territory of the Republic of Belarus
    1. Простое отправление:  3$.

    2. Наложенный платеж:    3$ + 3% от стоимости заказа(оплата при получении).

    Срок доставки 1-3 рабочих дней.

  • CIS countries, as well as Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia
    1. Simple departure: $ 8-12 (depending on the country of destination) 
    Delivery time 7-14 business days.

    2. EMS: 25$
    Delivery time 3-8 business days.

  • Asia, Europe
    1. Simple departure (slow): 15$
    Delivery time 15-30 business days.
    2. EMS: 28$
    Delivery time 4-14 business days.


  • USA
    EMS: 30$
    Delivery time 10-15 business days.

After sending the parcel to your address, we expose  track-number, so you could track the movement of your order.

Shipping cost may be increased depending on the total weight of the order (parcel).


Delivery through our representatives is carried out in the following cities:

  •   Могилев(BY), 
  •   Гомель(BY)
  •   Москва(RU), 
  •   Киев(UA).

-Оплата наличными при получении.
-Стоимость доставки-бесплатно!
-Срок доставки уточняйте связавшись с нами

Payment (please, see the instructions!)

  1. Cash on delivery (only in the territory of the Republic of Belarus).
      При этом способе, оплата заказа производится непосредственно в почтовом отделении при получении посылки.
  2. Online payment (100% prepayment).
      With this method, after placing the order in our Store, your email will be sent invoices and details for payment.

    The following online payment methods are currently available:

Online payment methods.

Please read the following terms!

This agreement contains all the terms and conditions of use of products CobraRTP™, that are aimed at preventing undesirable conflict situations in the process of using brand products CobraRTP™.

  1. This device is universal tool for tuning the computer ECU of various cars, and in this regard, officially we can not discuss issues related to tuning (tuning) of specific cars.
  2. Before the purchase CobraRTP™ study the software in detail, with which you will configure (tuning) the ECU of your car, as well as the presence of firmware files and settings in the case of TunerPRO.
    Questions like the following:
    -How in TunerPRO, Crome, eCtune to configure my computer?
    -Why can't I open my firmware cards?
    -Where should I look for firmware for my computer?
    after payment of goods can be ignored, due to the fact that we We are not responsible for your use of third-party software.except CobraRTP Utility!
  3. Check hardware compatibility CobraRTP™ with your ECU. This information can be found on our website in paragraph “Support", and contacting us.After purchase, we are not responsible for if you make a mistake with checking hardware compatibility!
  4. When sending goods by postal means we are not responsible for the integrity of the content after sending.
  5. Before sending goods, you can ask us to send you photoconfirming the fact of all attributes of the package (availability of goods in the package, stamp on the package, etc.).
  6. Before making an order, specify the availability and delivery time by contacting us.
  7. Payment must be made no later than 7 days after ordering.
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