“Black Horse” – CobraRTP Pro

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CobraRTP v3.0 Pro

We long and responsibly went to this day, since the implementation of many well-known emulator of the same name - CobraRTP v2.0. And now, a new flagship version v3.0 with the code name “Black Horse” has been released!
This version combines all the features. v3.0 Honda Edition and MotronicRTthese are Datalog (Honda / Acura), three universal analog inputs (logging in TunerPRO), Dual-Mode, support for all ECUs with 27c128, 27c256, 27c512 chips and more.

  CobraRTP v3.0 Pro focused on professionals who are engaged in tuning various cars - Honda, BMW, GM, Audi, etc. 
Moates Ostrich - CobraRTP Datalogging, Analog inputsThis version is adapted for direct installation in a Honda OBD1 ECU, and also has the ability to connect via a socket extension for other ECUs.
Supported software: TunerPRO, Nistune, Crome, eCtune, BmTune, BRE и TurboEDIT.

Analog inputs allow you to connect various analog sensors to the system for collecting and analyzing parameters in the corresponding software - TunerPRO RT. This certainly expands the possibilities of tuning for professionals.

Also, Dual-Mode mode allows you to download and use two different firmware, switching between them in real time depending on the desired mode without the participation of a PC, which is very convenient.

A feature of this version is also the presence of a Datalog channel for Honda OBD0, OBD1 ECU, which saves you from using a separate adapter (FTDI, and etc).
Thus, it is a comprehensive and most functional solution for tuning stock control systems OBD0-OBD1.

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